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Friends and family, I decided my Grandfather’s photographs deserved a spot better than facebook. I will work on restoring the content that has been taken off facebook and adding new items.

This is a work in progress so as I go along I’m sure there are things I’ve gotten wrong. Please just leave me comments on the blog if dates/names are incorrect. I had to delete a lot of information off of FB unfortunately but I’m glad I’ve got this blog to keep everything straight.

Patty McCabe - Thanks for sharing. I love looking at old pictures. People think that the photo’s of today are the best but I am sure that yesterday’s photography is better. - It has definitely taught me even more than before to DOCUMENT. Our world changes constantly. One thing I love is seeing how different everything looks, the cities, the automobiles, even dinnerware and clothes. Stuff you take for granted but in 10 or 20 years is going to be retro.

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