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McGreevys and Konings | 1940’s

Here are a few more from the early 40’s. First, this is my Grandfather, W. Jesse McGreevy. My Mother, Molly McGreevy Carlson’s, Father. Grandmother Katherine Koning McGreevy.

Jesse & Kate

Jesse McGreevy & Katherine Koning McGreevy

Kate & Jesse | Kate, Letha & William F. McGreevy

Kate & Jesse (My Grandparents on my Mom’s side) | Kate, Letha & William F. McGreevy (My Grandmother Kate with my Great Grandparents, Letha and William F. McGreevy)





My Grandmother Kate (Mom’s side) with my Mom’s older brother Johnny

Johnny at Christmas

Johnny at Christmas – My Uncle Johnny (My Mom’s older Brother)

George Koning

George Koning – My Great Grandfather on my Mother’s side (My Grandmother Kate’s Father) what I’ve heard was that he was a stern Dutch man, he died young of colon cancer. My Mother didn’t get to know him very well.


Aunt Annie – This was my Mom’s Aunt Annie on her Mother’s side




Midge Koning – My Grandmother Kate’s sister

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