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1949 | Johnny & Mike – Indiana Spring

These were taken between March and June of 1949. Mike & Johnny are my uncles and these scenes depict life back in the spring of 1949. Bikes, baseball – the lake.

Details: SuperX | Dev. in Microdol 16 min. at 68 degrees

BrothersJohnny & Mikemike and johnny


Patty McCabe - Which lake? Lake Michigan? - Probably Beach Haven – Lake Shafer area? I would have to ask my Mom to be sure. They spent a lot of time there and also in MI and WI. - It has definitely taught me even more than before to DOCUMENT. Our world changes constantly. One thing I love is seeing how different everything looks, the cities, the automobiles, even dinnerware and clothes. Stuff you take for granted but in 10 or 20 years is going to be retro.

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