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1951 | The Backyard Gang | Johnny’s Birthday Party

September 14, 1951 – This is another one I just LOVE! Such a great moment that captures the essence of little boys. These are my 2 uncles with their friends.
Mike McGreevy, Marvin Hinkle, Johnny McGreevy and Bob Hinkle

Details: This was taken in-between 1920 & 1924 Vinton St.
1/200 @F11 – B – DK50

backyard gang

Johnny’s Birthday Party
I love these party pictures around the table. Look out family – I’m going to be doing more of these. 😉

Is it just me or does Grandma McGreevy look a little creepy in the back? She is making sure there is no funny business! 🙂
So let’s see if we can name everyone! I’m starting with Mike McGreevy, the birthday boy, Johnny McGreevy, Richard Pridemore, ?, ?, ?, ?birthday party


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