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1950’s and Kodachrome | Family and the lake

KODACHROME – I won’t lie, I loved it. My Grandfather loved it. These are straight out of an archival box of his Kodachrome. I don’t have specific details but these are primarily family fun at the lake. Sailing, swimming and hanging with family.

Warning: this is a long post – most of these were taken in the early 50’s (guessing by the ages)

Jesse McGreevy – my Grandpa


Kate McGreevy – my Grandmotherkate

Johnny & Mikejohnny and mike

Not sure – ?sailingsailing


Bathing Beauties – Cele, Kate, ? (help me out)lake

Kate putting sunscreen on Celeimg001

Mike, ?, ?, and Mollykids

Where was this? Wisconsin? Help me outimg985

Help me outimg988

Beautiful cousin Penny Pridemore Bell (Kate in the background)img993

Molly McGreevy (my wonderful Mom) LOVE this one!img989

quick! family photo opportunity while everyone is captive in the water. 🙂img990

Grandpa was ahead of his time here. We have the stylish “hipster” quality light going on with a slight tilt to the horizon and slightly oof – 🙂img987

This photo cracks me up!!! So much that I posted a close-up below of what’s going onimg986

No one looks particularly happy here except Kate McGreevy. Uncle Bud Pridemore – love that he’s at the lake but has his bowtie on (albeit slightly askew a la rat pak style), Johnny (I’ve never seen a grimace on him like this), Cele, Richard, Kate, Penny (looking mighty unhappy), Mike and Jane who seems to be holding Mike in-check against his will. All in all a great family shot!img986r


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