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Kenneth (MAC) McConnaughay | Asphalt | West Lafayette IN

Kenneth (Mac) McConnaughay | Innovator

This was an incredible man – and from what I’ve heard, selfless

He was great friends with my Grandfather Jesse. I keep finding pictures of him interspersed with family events (because that’s how the way we roll I guess, our friends are family). Well in case you haven’t heard of this great man. He invented Asphalt. My Mom said he had an awesome asphalt pool in Lafayette. He was a generous man and very giving. He was one of the first of Jesse’s friends to call after he had his heart attack.

kenneth mcconnaughaykenneth mcconnaughaykenneth mcconnaughay

Martha Piercefield - K. E. McConnaughay was my grandfather. seeing those photos was a real gift.
Martha Gregory Piercefield
my mother was Patricia, Kenneth’s only child.

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