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1930’s | W. Jesse McGreevy | The 113 Unit & The CCC

1930’s – Unit 113 – The CCC and The New Deal

I don’t have a ton of information and I’m hoping to eventually fill in some blanks on this post. These are photo scans so no negative info available. Jesse was in a Military Medical Unit 113 from Lafayette IN – did not go overseas because of medical reasons. He then joined the CCC and went to California to fight wildfires and build roads thanks to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and The New Deal. My Mom told me that when he talked about his time there he said that, “fighting the fires was like being in Hell.”

These photos are so much fun to look at and see how he looked (pretty darn good Grandpa! – Show us your muscles) and how the world looked back then.

The military photos were taken approximately 1927 (date on back of the band photo) – 1930 (date on back of photo of right – these are the barracks in Camp Knox, KY)



The left photo was in front of Grand Central Air Terminal in Glendale CA – a very important airport at this time and the largest in the world. The photo to the right is titled: “On the way to Santa Barbara” Dec. 26, 1933Neg_901

panning for gold and building roadsjesse mcgreevyNeg_853Neg_848

In Austin’s words: “Great Grandpa Jesse was a beast!” yes, yes he was – these are awesome photos!Neg_847Neg_856

Back in Indiana late 30’s probably 38-39 — working as a lifeguard at Indiana BeachNeg_845

Not sure the date or time this was taken but I love it — reminds me of a scene in “It’s A Wonderful Life”Neg_896Neg_976


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