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1930’s | Katherine (Kate) Koning | Before the McGreevy Part of the Story

1930’s – Katherine (Kate) Koning

I look at these and miss my Grandmother Kate so much. I want to hear her stories behind these and what was going on. Was she happy, worried, sad. It looks like she had fun and I’m glad. It’s so hard to think of your Grandparents as young and fun. My memories of Grandma Kate are definitely fun, but she was considerably older when I knew her and probably a different person than is pictured here. More wisdom, yadda, yadda. When/if I get more info on these I will add to this post.

Kate and Betty Fisher


again with Betty Fisher (right)Neg_042

Left: Probably a Koning relative not sure who Right: Kate with friendsNeg_036_100538Neg_026Neg_887Neg_834

Kate and Betty FisherNeg_822

Left: Grandpa George Koning Hunting  |  Right: Frances Torrenga and Kate KoningNeg_003

Betty Fisher, Kate Koning and ?Neg_912_030339Frances Torrenga & Kate KoningNeg_911_110938

Betty Fisher, Jake Fisher, Louie Fisher & Kate KoningNeg_027_060541Kate and ?Neg_908

Kate with friendsNeg_910_072539Playing golfNeg_840George KoningNeg_823Neg_817Betty Fisher, Kate Koning & FriendsNeg_044

at Purdue with friendsNeg_030at the lake with friends (Kate is on the left), Frances Torrenga 3rd inNeg_025Kate & FrancesNeg_019Neg_017George Koning built the house on the Right, Kate is bottom left cornerNeg_020Kate and Louie FisherNeg_032School DaysNeg_982Neg_983

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