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Snow Days Through The Years

Inspired by the white, wet, s!@$t that keeps falling from the sky.

This is Jesse McGreevy in 1919 with his new sled


Jesse McGreevy – year ??? No notes on this – just love itNeg_896

1930’s — George Koning (left)  |  Kate Koning and Frances Torrenga (her cousin and good friend)


Johnny & Mike McGreevy (this is one of my favorite photos EVER) these are my uncles
March 19, 1950
Neg details: #4 – 60 sec @6.3 on Opal G – Selectol 4 min.snowstormGuessing sometime in the Sixties by the ages  – Mike and Molly McGreevy shoveling out on Elm StreetNeg_137_022660

img485 copyimg486 copyimg491 copyimg460 copyimg461 copyimg948 copyimg949

Molly — locked and loaded (with a sled)img358 copywildcat creekmolly

I think this was back when Mike was back from British Columbia

negative dates: 12/30/69img745

Purdue Airport
negative dates: 12/30/69img741img742

Neg dates: 12/20/73img716 copy

Faurote’s Snowman

neg dates: December 1973img408 copyimg415 copy

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