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Monthly Archives: March 2014

1966 | Into The Darkroom | Lafayette IN

July 1966 The Darkroom I love this, I’m so thankful that my Grandpa Jesse recorded all of this – sometimes we forget how cool and interesting our lives right now might seem to future generations. To have a photo documentary of Grandpa’s Darkroom is beyond cool. There was a TINY bit of room for Grandma’s […]

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1965 | Camera Shop | Lafayette IN

Kodachrome files so again, not a lot of info. Uncle Mike: “The first photo is the owner Hinea. The second is Jack Mertz, who worked there. This was my Dads favorite camera shop, and Jack was his good friend.”

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1962/65 | Mike’s Cycles

1962 – Molly and Mike with new cycle Details: 3/27/62 2629 Elmwood Uncle Mike: “My parents hated these bikes, they thought I would get hurt on them! The first one is a Red 50 or 75cc Simplex with a kickstart, and I pushed it more than I rode it. I sold it to some guy […]

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1962 | Loeb Stadium – Columbian Park | Lafayette IN

1962 Loeb Stadium – Columbian Park Although it wasn’t officially Loeb Stadium until 1971 – it was simply known as the Columbian Park Recreational Center. It is the home of the Lafayette Jefferson Bronchos, and it also serves as home to the Colt World Series since 1973 These are from the Kodachrome files – Lafayette […]

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1961 | Koning Sisters and Family

Koning Sisters and Family 1961 – 2717 Torrenga Terrace Details: Taken on new SpeedGraphic “23” with flash and strobe, Tri-X pack Dev. in DK50 Cele Pridemore, Kate McGreevy and Midge Coley Grandma Koning, Kate McGreevy, Cele and Penny Pridemore, Midge Coley and Aunt Annie Grandma Koning, Kate McGreevy, Cele and Penny Pridemore, Midge Coley and […]

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